January 19, 2015

Conundrum for a Community

As we come to know ourselves and each other as a community, how can also allow ourselves and each other to be unknown, so there is space to be new, to renew? So waters of love and possibility and renewal and connection and forgiveness can flow and continue flowing?

And if we think we know each other, will that thinking stop us from really knowing each other in this moment? Will that stop us from extending love to each other?

If love is openness and willingness to know - holding the other not to an image but to the emerging (of spirit, of healing, of love) that is budding in them - how may we love each other?

How may we see each other?

If forgiveness is a remitting of debts - what will allow the debts we collect (or impose) in community to be remitted?

And what of the ego's desire to be right, to defend its stand, to know, to be certain (before or so that it can trust)?

Is there a way to stay tender towards each other's becoming as we continue to come together and take a stand together and build and create together? - as village, as community?

And what of our beloved relationships in other spheres of our lives? What of our other communities? How can we cultivate a beginner's mind to relationship even as our deep wounds get triggered that seek safety and certainty, that permit us to offer only so much openness or conditional trust? 

Sometimes I notice my own tightening - and ask for healing - and ask to meet that deep well of love that I may know you in your spaciousness - and allow myself to be known in mine - continually.

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