March 04, 2014

Call for Poems - 2014 CIIS Founders Symposium

Attn. CIIS Community!

I am curating & moderating Spanning Inside and Outside: Poetry as Integral Speech, a two-hour poetry session at the 2014 CIIS Founders Symposium (with Hope Casareno).

Poetry is the language through which blood of life, waters of the planet, self-remembering of consciousness, and revelation of mystery flow. In the critical space of poetry, we can imagine, inquire, become, inhabit other ways of knowing, participate in the world, sustain possibility, and seed change.

And thus, honoring the generous liminality of poetic consciousness, we invite the poet that is you to respond to a symposium theme this year.

The invitation is to submit poems that in deepest awe and from the "felt senseness" of our unique human embodiment witness, evoke, or animate personal and planetary healing, integration, and wholeness: the confluence and the conjunction.

Poems can be submitted in the form of text, sound, film, or image. Please do not send in work that is more than 5-6 minutes in length (when read or performed).

Send your submissions by 5pm, March 18, 2014 to with "Poetry Session at the Founders Symposium" in the title. If selected, you would be invited to participate in and share your work during the poetry session at the Founders Symposium, to be held on April 18, 2014.

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