January 26, 2014

LR recommends Kala Pani

Iris Law, poet and editor of Lantern Review, includes Kala Pani in her incredibly generous roundup of book recommendations for the new year, and says some very lovely things about my writing, such as calling attention to how "the tapestry of the [...] language shatters and shifts at a moment’s notice—like quicksilver", and:
"...though she is keen to investigate notions of trauma, geography, time, race, gender, spirituality, etc., her writing neither preaches endlessly nor holds to an overly simplistic view of the political: rather, she holds questions up to a mirror, testing them on a knife’s edge. She recognizes that the notions of place and identity are inherently fraught with instability, and she both celebrates and problematizes this complexity..."
More here. Thank you, Iris!

--& here are some ladybugs for you, all the way from the Redwood Regional Park in Oakland.

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