February 26, 2013

Jan/Feb Updates and Two Upcoming Readings

A gentle case of blog update-procrastination overcome, here is some news:

My translations of Laltu's poems appeared in Pratilipi's Freedom Special issue. Such a rich issue. I'm still dipping into it and discovering it.

I wrote about my myth sequence at the CIIS blog.

Kala Pani is almost a book now! 1913 and I are talking layout & cover & all of the rest!

I'll be reading at an AWP offsite with Raul Zurita & Aase Berg channeled by Johannes Goransson & Lara Glenum & Diane Wald & James Gendron & Joe Hall & Elaine Kahn & Amy Lawless on March 7.

Delta Mouth 2013 is also almost around the corner! From March 14-16, folks. Perhaps you will be able to make it there.