May 01, 2012

Love as the Force of Revolution: The Occupy Movement and Beyond

The essay views the Occupy Movement as emblematic of a collective struggle wherein a paradigm based on fear is giving way to a paradigm based on love, and which has been making itself conscious in both the collective and individual psychic processes. It brings in Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance to help us understand the transformations in the collective field, and brings to attention some ways in which love became a driving force within the Occupy movement, and the possibilities it opens up for radical critique.

Here is how I begin: 
Last year in May or June I realized that my political views were not quite what they used to be. It occurred to me that the words "Revolutions + justice" on my facebook profile were no longer adequate to what I felt was my politics. It occurred to me that love was a crucial element of politics, and I proceeded to add "Love" before "revolutions + justice". It felt like a radical act.
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