February 03, 2012

More on Jung's Travels

Brendan (Collins) sent me a fantastic article on Jung in Africa written by Blake Burleson, which introduces the lens of cultural complexes to talk about Jung's 1925 expedition to East Africa. It identifies in particular the cultural complexes of romantic primitivism, ‘going black’, self-conscious ´elite, ‘furor Africanus’, the ‘black man’s burden’, racial inferiority, and the ‘curse of Ham’. I found this lens very helpful in introducing another layer to my reading about Jung's travels - and I feel Jung would have liked it too!

Also, it occurred to me - from a question Brendan asked me - that in reading the sentence (“Buddha saw and grasped the cosmogonic dignity of human consciousness; for that reason he saw clearly that if a man succeeded in extinguishing this light, the world would sink into nothingness.”) as introducing a split between human consciousness and the world, I might be projecting something of my own upon Jung--a struggle. When I read it again, the possibility that it refers to co-creation does not seem far-fetched at all. Hmm.