December 31, 2011

Rapunzel Tower, design by Guy Nordenson and Associates

The first day of a new year. I woke up with a dream pressed against me, complete as a fairy tale. And, as terrifying. Only, this fairy tale had not yet found its ending. I realized I would have to provide one when I’m not dreaming. 

With this, I had to remind myself I don’t have to make a choice: that I can write the fairy tale, playing with the possibilities, closings, openings, and tremors the form presents me with, and also engage the dream in work, allowing the symbolic language of the psyche to speak to the self so it admits more self-understanding.           

That integrating the unconscious will not stop it from gifting me with “the fairy way of writing.”

That all the dimensions can interexist!

May we interexist with love and grace in 2012, and in all the years that will arrive new.