October 21, 2011

Spirituality: A Manifesto

The first word/concept that comes to mind when I think of spirituality is openness, love. I suppose these can be seen as two different concepts, but to me, openness and love go hand in hand. A certain allowing is implied in both. A seeing, feeling of deep connection with all beings and non-beings; a sense of vastness, and oneness, and trust. A feeling of love with everything that is. Non-judgment, knowing that everything is a part of us, and we are a part of everything. That each of us is a spark of and can be the goodness. That goodness is the universal source.    

Spirituality is also about the death of the ego to the extent that the ego operates by itself and for itself. It is about the ego learning to operate as an ancillary of spirit.   
Spirituality is embodied spirit. The body (form) houses the soul and is thus a sacred container, but it is also the porous membrane between—the interface for—the soul and the material world. The human body is a reminder to us of our material incarnation that we cannot deny even as we move on the path of spirit. The breath—body breathing—moves life, moves spirit, and brings us back to life and spirit. 

Spirituality is embrained: it’s about learning to discern right from wrong, and also about using the faculties of critical thinking as fluidly, fluently, as if they were spirit. They are. 

Spirituality is play and celebration and holding the human emotions that arise in us. It is a willingness to observe the emotions and our lives and to continually interpret the information we get from them.  

Living ethically and consuming consciously are a part of the picture, as is ensuring that justice is practiced.  

Spirituality is alchemy. It emerges out of darkness. It is as dark as it is light. It is how the profane becomes a conduit for the sacred. It is vast energy that can change things. It is a giving away, a submitting, selflessness. We are only beginning to explore its potential, even though it wants every entity to reach its potential and to become what it truly is. It is a willingness to explore depths and heights. A willingness to hold what is found in the depths and heights with lightness and non-judgment and love, and also, if needed, with ferocity and strength and stubbornness. And humility.  

Really, then, spirituality to me is the integration of body, mind, spirit; dark and light; yin and yang; the material and the spiritual; all those polarities we find so easy to construct. It is living from the heart; it is trying to live beyond duality.  

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