July 02, 2010


Uncle P asked me to recommend few recent non-fiction books from India. This is that list. He and I have had some rousing discussions on politics and culture in the past, so I'm sure he would find some of these quite provocative. I intend to provoke. I've read six books from this list and two are on my reading shelf. The rest I want to read. 

1. Amitava Kumar, Evidence of Suspicion
2. Annie Zaidi, Known Turf
3. Arundhati Roy, Field Notes on Democracy
4. Baby Halder, A Life Less Ordinary
5. Basharat Peer, Curfewed Night
6. Harsh Mander, Fear and Forgiveness
7. Ira Pande, Diddi
8. Manjima Bhattacharya, ed., Sarpanch Sahib: Changing the Face of India
9. Maria Aurora Couto, Goa: A Daughter’s Story
10. Maya Sharma, Loving Women
11. Minal Hajratwala, Leaving India
12. Namita Devidayal, The Music Room
13. Pankaj Mishra, Temptations of the West
14. Satnam, Jangalnama: Travels in a Maoist Guerrilla Zone

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