February 08, 2010

The real reason why Da Vinci Code must exist

Jessa Crispin:
"Like a lot of people who care about books and writing and sentence structure, I was initially horrified at the success at Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Then I realized what it meant: 80 million people read a book about the removal of femininity from the Catholic Church, about how Jesus liked women and prostitutes and screw-ups and freaks, about how the Bible was edited by men in power, about how Jesus' divinity was not universally accepted. They read the book, and now it's in their brains, like a vaccination against patriarchal monotheism, even if they don't do anything with the information."


  1. :) can i impatiently say rafta, rafta?

  2. I liked the book because I see god as a benign power with no form, bias(es) or gender.

    I also love the new blog name!